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Finding Justice & Peace This #MLKDay

While peace (in every shape and form) is always front of mind at Kinky Green, we want to remind you that justice is the pathway that will lead us there. Today, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., remembering his crusade for peace and his insistence on justice for all. Even those who are incarcerated.

Did You Know . . .

The business of cannabis is a multi-BILLION dollar industry, having grown exponentially within the past few years. During the height of the pandemic, while other small businesses and institutions were forced to close, dispensaries were deemed “essential” and were allowed to remain open. Investors and business owners in the cannabis space flourished. All the while, millions of people (disproportionately Black and Brown people) remained locked up, watching those on the outside build wealth and profit from the very same endeavors that imprison them to this day.

The Last Prisoner Project . . .

As we unite and advocate for justice and freedom today, Kinky Green is proud to highlight The Last Prisoner Project for their work towards righting injustice within the cannabis space. Taken from their website, “The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform …Through intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns the Last Prisoner Project works to redress the past and continuing harms of these unjust laws and policies.”

Here's How You Can Help . . .

Thank you Last Prisoner Project. We salute your efforts and the tireless work you do to help those you serve capture their own version of the peace and justice that Dr. King dreamed of. For more information on The Last Prisoner Project, please follow them on Instagram @lastprisonerproject and get involved by visiting their website at

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