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Let's #ManUp This Monday


Can you believe that it's 2022 already? I can't either. While for many of us, these last few years have been a bit of a letdown, it's most certainly time for us to pull out our big girl panties and make 2022 our Bi*ch! Let's march into this year with reckless abandon and proclaim this first Monday of the year, #ManUpMonday. Take a look at my 4 Steps To Man-Up and start taking this week, this month, this year, by storm.


Don't just slap some pictures on a poster board and call it a vision. Mindfully set your intentions for the day, the week, the month and the year. And don't stop there. We often fail at resolutions simply because we don't identify the ways, means and paths to accomplishing our goals. Be specific about what you want and exact about how you're gonna get it.


That "To-Do" ain't gonna do itself, hun. Put pen to paper, write it out and start physically marking things off your list. When we make lists, but keep them in our heads, we tend to forget things or move them to another date and time. In order to have a better chance of completion, you must see it in front of you. And no, the Notes App on your phone just won't cut it. If we're being honest, our phones are a complete distraction and actually part of the reason why you can't get shit done. Write your list, ON PAPER, keep it front and center and blast through that sucker.


I firmly believe that our bodies talk to us. They tell us what they need. Unfortunately, we don't always listen. This year, let's do a better job of honoring our bodies and prioritizing its needs over all others. And while a mani-pedi is cute, a long nap is way sexier. A bubble bath might do the trick after a long, hard day, but a smooth setting of boundaries will often turn your mood around lickety-split. Embrace what your body is telling you it needs and I promise, you'll find that that's where your peace and happiness resides.


The world only gets one YOU!! And really, we desperately need you. ALL OF YOU, SWEETIE!! The whole and complete YOU. I encourage you to be unapologetically YOU and let the world embrace it. Some may resist. But, you must insist. You, my dear, are not optional. You were created to hold this space, in this time and the universe will make room for whatever you have to offer. Own that. And move with the grace and dignity of the unapologetic badass that you were always meant to be.

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