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Life's Short . . . Wear The Crop-Top!!!

If we've learned anything over the past few years, it's that life is way too short. I mean, SHORT, short! So much of our time is wasted thinking about how we might look, what others might say or think, who's feelings might be hurt, or how we wish we would've had the courage to dream big and go for it.

These limiting beliefs are present in all of us and in almost every aspect of our lives. They creep up when we least expect it. I even see it here at Kinky Green.

I can't tell you how many times a customer has said to me, "I can't wear that!" Inevitably, they're talking about the KG Crop Hoodie.

It boggles my mind because I've always thought this little hoodie is so chic and versatile. I mean, HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE??? But the reality is that there could be a few things at play here: 1. You've not worn a crop-top since you were 10yo; or 2. You think you've got way too much FUPA (#IYKYK) to wear a crop-top; or 3. You can't imagine how you'd wear a crop in your everyday life.

Well, let me put your mind at ease, dear friend. You're never too old for a crop-top. You're never too straight, too gay, too skinny or too fat either. Crop-tops are for everyone and I've got the tips to prove it.

Tip #1 - Hike It Up

If you're concerned about your mid-section or think you have too much tummy action to make it work, consider a high-waisted bottom to pair with your crop. Here, I've opted for a high-waisted, faux leather, A-line skirt with silver embellishments.

The high-waist nature of the skirt covers the area where I'm not the most confident while the A-line cut and embellishments offer interest and distraction from the waist.

Tip #2 - Layer It

Nobody said you have to show your tummy if you don't want to. In fact, one of my favorite ways to wear the KG Crop Hoodie is adding a button down shirt underneath, untucked, with a super slim pant. This look is balanced and super-forgiving, especially after a double bacon cheeseburger, fries and a few glasses of wine. (Don't judge me).

Since you'll be bulking up the top, be sure to create a more balanced look by wearing something a bit more fitted or slimming on the bottom. A pencil skirt or skinny jeans would be great. As you can see, I went a little bit preppy, adding my favorite pair of wax-coated denim and a black, sequined sneaker.

"This look is balanced and super-forgiving, especially after a double bacon cheeseburger, fries and a few glasses of wine..." – Dr. Tiff

Tip #3 - Work It Out

To me, this one's a no-brainer. Why wouldn't you wear a crop top during your next

workout? It's the perfect layering piece to wear before or after the gym, as your body transitions from cold to hot to cold again. On top of that, this look is giving, "I'm here to workout" but also, "I'm going for a bearclaw afterwards." Again, don't judge.

Here, I chose high-waisted leggings in a subtle camo print for a sleek, yet comfy weekend look.

Tip #4 - Mix it up

You've heard of High-Low Fashion: pairing high-end pieces with cost-conscious finds. Well, I mixed things up by giving this super casual crop a "night-on-the-town" vibe with these last two looks.

For both outfits, heels were an absolute MUST. I was feeling a little girly, so a twirl-worthy skirt and metallic heels made for a super-chic ensemble in the first offering. For the second look, I downplayed it a bit with a pair of baggy camo britches (I've been longing to use that word), and jazzed it up with red snakeskin pumps and a clutch. Both looks will take me to dinner, drinks, dancing and back, without a single thought about my mid-section. (I'm confident that my feet will be hurting way too much for me to care about my tummy.)

Tip #5 - Life's Short. Just Get The Crop Top Already!

Today, it's a crop-top. Tomorrow, it'll be that trip to Spain. There's always something to look back on and wish that you would have moved the needle. In the grand scheme of things, the crop-top is a metaphor for all those things that we spend too much time overthinking. You've analyzed it to death, friend. If there is something that you want, you owe it to yourself to go after it. And if others don't like it, well, that just means its not for them. Do what makes you happy, in this moment. The next moment is not promised. But should you be lucky enough to make it to that next moment, you won't want to spend it thinking, "if only I'd bought that damn crop-top."

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